An Electric Adventure Bike For The Street

An Electric Adventure Bike For The Street

Despite nearly injuring my leg badly, I’ve just had a great time. Test-riding the UBCO 2×2 Adventure electric bike, I hit a muddy patch of downhill terrain on a trail and lost control. Thankfully the 155-pound bike came to rest against my knee instead of falling on it, causing a minor pull of some sort that I’ll feel for a day.

Mind you, I have never gone mountain or dirt biking before. Have only biked on paved streets. So I didn’t know what to expect when trying out this bike that promised to tackle any piece of ground. I tried it on the street for a few minutes before trying the trail. In full disclosure, I lasted maybe five minutes on this tight and hilly trail. It had rained earlier in the morning and I thought I might seriously injure myself if I went further. Hey, I’m unapologetically wimpy. So I returned to the street for a more complete ride, and had a great time hitting a touch over 30 miles per hour.

In my short time on the vehicle, I couldn’t stop marveling over how comfortable and shock-absorbing it was. So what is it, exactly? It’s kind of a cross between an electric bike and what I would consider an electric motorcycle. Oh, and you can lug cargo on it. It has a step-through frame, low center of gravity, no clutch, tires geared for rough terrain, and a throttled handlebar. It’s super responsive, easy to maneuver, and exhilarating. Made with a robust alloy 3D frame, stainless steel spokes, durable componentry, and a high-torque motor in each wheel, this bike seems well armed for whatever you present it.

For some reason, the company bills it as lightweight. I – and my leg – beg to differ. But that’s a good thing, as you need it to be sturdy. It pairs to an app that lets you communicate directly with the bike’s onboard vehicle management system. On it, you can see real-time performance and even customize your riding experience and handling. It lets you adjust the settings to suit your ride, get over-the-air firmware updates, and view a live dash while you’re out and about. Plus the keyless fob uses code hopping technology that prevents theft.

As a regular e-bike rider, what I especially appreciated about this bike was its regenerative brakes. As the company rep told me, it won’t add a ton of battery life but it will kind of take hills and make the battery react to it as if you were just riding on flat ground the entire way. He also said it should get roughly 75 miles per charge.

Although the bike can run you up to about $7,000 – it’s available at dealers throughout the country – I strongly urge you to rent it for an hour or two first at one of the shops in its nationwide network. You may decide a standard e-bike might be more your speed (like me). Or you may well fall in love with how comfortable and peppy it is. It’s classified to ride on the street with cars. And with the price of gas so high, this might be a perfect solution for you to get about town – and out on the trails.