Blix Unveils Ultra, its First Fat-Tire E-Bike Sporting 1350 Watts of Motor Power

Blix Unveils Ultra, its First Fat-Tire E-Bike Sporting 1350 Watts of Motor Power

E-bike firm Blix recently unveiled its very first fat tire electric bike for long adventure rides. The company, which is headquartered in Santa Cruz, introduced the new Blix Ultra, which is usable on all terrain.

Blix Ultra Features

Blix Unveils Ultra, its First Fat-Tire E-Bike Sporting 1350 Watts of Motor Power

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Blix Ultra is now up for pre-orders for e-bike fans.

According to Electrek, the new Blix e-bike sports 1,350 watts of motor power. The company says that this is the peak rating despite having a 750W sticker. Moreover, it features a 750 rear hub motor that could exert 90Nm of torque.

For its speed, it could hit an impressive speed of 28mph or 45 km/h, thanks to its quintuplet pedal assist level. If you include the throttle in the discussion, it will only run for up to 20mph or 32 km/h.

For electric vehicles, it’s important to maintain the condition of the motor. The batteries should also be well-maintained and regularly charged. It relies on a pair of 14.5Ah batteries which has 48V.

Having said that, these two batteries can allow Blix Ultra to rush for a max range of 80 miles or 130 km. If you are opting for long travels, even a single battery of this electronic bike is enough to sustain your day-long ride.

Aside from its high-load batteries, the Blix Ultra boasts its modular design, which is useful in swapping all the cargo accessories. 

For this part, its front part is designed for cargo hauling. It weighs 50 lbs or 68 kg. Meanwhile, its back part is rated for 150 lb hauling. You can take advantage of this, especially when you are loading items or even riders at the back.

The majority of bicycles could only allow one person to ride, but Blix Ultra breaks this barrier by adding a package for its passenger. It’s indeed a unique feature that you can’t see on other e-bikes.

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Blix CEO Talks About Ultra’s Capabilities

Speaking of its features, Blix CEO Pontus Malmberg says that the Ultra e-bike is capable of the person’s daily travel thanks to its off-road capability and impressive cargo-hauling strength.

“The Ultra concept was to design an all-terrain e-bike that is practical enough to fit into your day, furthering our mission to integrate health and activity into everyday life. This is the most capable and versatile e-bike we’ve built, and it will bring a lot of value and differentiation to the table.”

Other than that, the Blix Ultra features an 80-Lux headlight, 80mm travel front suspension fork, and hydraulic disc brakes to name a few.

Moreover, you can connect to the bike through the smartphone. You just need to link the Blix Connect app to your device so you can see the on-the-air updates and other data that might soon be released.

The app can also let you switch between two e-bike modes: Class 2 and Class 3. As of writing, Blix is now accepting pre-orders for its new product. 

You can buy it at $1,999 if you want the single battery model. For the two-pack battery model, it will cost you $2,399. You can get a $200 discount if you purchase two bikes by inputting the code “RIDETOGETHER.”

For more information about Blix Ultra, visit its website through this link.

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