How to Organize Your Sports Gear

How to Organize Your Sports Gear

If you are a parent of many kids who play sports or an active individual invested in many different activities, you probably have sports gear all around your house or garage. The lack of organization and feeling of clutter is enough to make any parent or individual crazy. Some people may even feel like they do not have enough room in their house to store all of their sports gear. Fortunately, there are ways to make room in your home even if you feel like you do not have the space. The key is to find a spot for your items and keep it organized.

Sort Your Sports Gear

Before you even search for a spot, it is wise to gather all of your or your family’s sports gear and sort it first. Most people choose to sort their sports gear by sport or functionality. For example, if some of your kids play baseball and others play volleyball, you should make sure that the baseball gear stays together and is separate from volleyball gear.

Additionally, sorting through your sports gear is a great time to declutter. You may declutter by donating any equipment that you or your family grew out of. Plenty of local charities will take anything a person is willing to give. You may even donate old equipment to a charity specifically designed for sports. If you need some extra cash, you may even hold on to your old sports gear and sell it at an estate sale.

Pick a Designated Spot for Your Sports Gear

After you finish sorting through your sports gear, it is time to pick a spot for your equipment to go. Most people will put their sports equipment in an extra closet or their garage. Even if you feel like you do not have extra space for a designated sports equipment spot, you may be able to create one. You may simply clean out an old closet and donate or sell items you no longer use along with your old sports equipment.

Create a Spot if You Don’t Have One

If you truly do not have enough room for a sports equipment spot, you may always create a location in your home through DIY projects. Usually, garages or sheds are the best locations for DIY storage. For example, you may install Slatwall storage in your garage. Slatwall systems permit users to take advantage of wall space, making it easy to utilize ladder racks or other organizational accessories. It is also possible to install extra cabinets in your home or your garage for extra sports equipment storage.

Organize Your Spot

No matter where you choose to put your sports gear or whether you create a spot yourself, you must keep your equipment location organized. One of the best ways to keep your sports equipment and home well maintained is through organizational ladder accessories. These accessories include ladder racks, project trays, boxes, and safety rails. Such items will help you find convenient landing spaces for every piece of sports equipment you own.

Maintain Cleanliness and Organization

After you have a designated location for your or your family’s sports equipment to go, make sure that you develop a system to keep your new space organized. For example, you can label landing spaces within your designated sports equipment spot based on the sport. If you have children, you should teach them to put their equipment back based on sports type and label after they are done using it. You may even swap out out-of-season sports equipment with in-season sports equipment to reduce clutter. Whatever the case, maintaining organization and spatial efficiency is key.