LeBron James, sports world outraged after Texas shool shooting

LeBron James, sports world outraged after Texas shool shooting

LeBron James was one of plenty in the sports world who was outraged on Tuesday afternoon after a horrific mass shooting at a Texas elementary school.

The Los Angeles Lakers star erupted on social media calling for change after at least 18 students and three adults were killed in Uvalde, Texas.

“Like when is enough enough man!!!” he wrote, in part. “These are kids and we keep putting them in harm’s way at school. Like seriously ‘AT SCHOOL’ where it’s suppose to be the safest.

“There simply has to be change! HAS TO BE!! Praying to the heavens above to all with kids these days in schools.”

At least 18 children and three adults were killed at an elementary school in Uvalde on Tuesday, the Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed to The Texas Tribune. The shooter, who Gov. Greg Abbott identified as an 18-year-old high school student in the town, was killed. He also reportedly shot his grandmother before showing up to the school — which was set to end the school year later this week.

Uvalde sits about 90 minutes west of San Antonio and about halfway between the city and Del Rio on the border.

The shooting is just the latest of its kind in the United States in recent days. There were 10 people killed at a shooting in a Buffalo grocery store earlier this month. Since that shooting on May 14, according to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 15 more mass shootings throughout the country. That’s an average of 1.5 per day.

James was far from alone with his outrage. Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr went on an emotional, angry rant ahead of Game 4 of the Western Conference finals in Dallas on Tuesday night.

Players, teams, the NBA, WNBA and more all spoke out Twitter, too.