Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode Brand Rolling With Supersize BMX Bike

Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode Brand Rolling With Supersize BMX Bike

By Alan Snel of

Former NFL Raiders/Seahawks runner and Oakland native Marshawn Lynch is rolling out his Beast Mode brand with a new BMX bike called the “Beast Mode Ripper.”

SE Bikes, which makes the Beast Mode Ripper, posted a photo of Lynch riding the supersized BMX bike in a recent bike ride and noted this on its website: “We first linked up with Marshawn about five years ago with a goal to develop a unique and dope ass bike that could run through your opponent’s faceThe end result was the Beast Mode Ripper, the world’s first 27.5”+ BMX bike.”

The two-wheeler is an oversized BMX bike capable of doing wheelies and other street tricks, said Shawn Tyrone, manager of the Las Vegas Cyclery store that has the Beast Mode Ripper. Here’s a look at the Beast Mode Ripper that sells for $1,299.99 at Las Vegas Cyclery.

The 36-year-old Lynch, who starred for the Seattle Seahawks with some hellacious runs and played two seasons with the Raiders, enjoyed BMX biking as a kid in Oakland.

After wrapping up a career that included more than 10,000 yards in running, Lynch pursued entrepreneurial paths like his Beast Mode retail stores and even launching cannabis products.

Here’s SE Bikes’ description of Lynch’s Beast Mode Ripper bike.

The SE Bikes description of the Beast Mode Ripper ends with this message: “Doesn’t matter if you’re going on a chill ride, raising it up through your hood, or showing some bunnies on some jumps, just don’t forget to take care of yo’ chicken!”