Nintendo Switch Sports: All Equipment Types

Nintendo Switch Sports: All Equipment Types

Nintendo Switch Sports allows players to change their equipment in various ways. By accessing the customization menu, players can choose what to wear from the items they’ve currently unlocked. This goes beyond outfits and accessories, as brand-new equipment will become available as time passes. Anyone interested in fully customizing their characters in Nintendo Switch Sports should remember all equipment types and keep track of anything they haven’t obtained yet.

All Equipment Types in Nintendo Switch Sports

There are two major types of items in the game that you can equip. Outfits & Accessories will modify the look of your character, while Equipment will alter the look of items in sports. There are four categories for Outfits & Accessories, while Equipment has six – one for each sport. These are the categories for Outfits & Accessories:

  • Clothing – Items that cover your avatar’s body. This is the only category from Outfits & Accessories available to anyone playing as a Mii.
  • Hats – Items that cover the top of your avatar’s head.
  • Glasses – Items that cover your avatar’s eyes.
  • Masks – Items that cover your avatar’s mouth.

Some of these categories cover items that you might not expect. For example, earrings can be found in the Masks category. As more items become available down the line, these categories might be filled with more unique accessories. It’s hard to say if the same can be said for equipment as only specific item types are currently available for players to try out. These are the categories for Equipment:

  • Volleyball – Alternate skins for the volleyball.
  • Badminton – Alternate skins for the badminton racket.
  • Bowling – Alternate skins for the bowling ball.
  • Soccer/Football – Alternate effects for scoring a goal.
  • Chambara – Alternate skins for the sword.
  • Tennis – Alternate skins for the tennis racket.

You can also change Stamps as more become available, alongside hairstyles, facial details, and eye colors. It’s possible that entirely new body types will be available later on, as well, since the “Body” option in character creation opens up a whole new menu. There’s plenty of potential for future updates to add new content in Nintendo Switch Sports, giving players more than a few reasons to aim for the Pro Leagues!

Nintendo Switch Sports is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.