Pattaya Sports Club: Bunker Boys Golf report Monday, Sept 19

Pattaya Sports Club: Bunker Boys Golf report Monday, Sept 19
Jay Mitchell, winner at Royal Lakeside and Paul Smith, winner at Inexperienced Valley and Pattana.

Monday, September 19th
Royal Lakeside, Blue tees.
1st Jay Mitchell (24) 36 factors
2nd Paul Smith (3) 32 details
3rd Les Cobban (9) 28 factors
Around pins Gerry Cooney & Paul Smith X 2.

The Royal Lakeside training course was in sparkling condition for the 1st game of the 7 days. It appears to be that improvements to the course are by no means-ending and perform crews have been toiling absent once more currently. In unique, a great deal operate is staying performed on the bunkers which are now among the best wherever,

As always at Lakeside the wind was blowing fairly challenging at occasions and with us enjoying off the blue tees a serious problem was in retail outlet which was mirrored in the scoring. Only Jay Mitchell managed to return a good rating of thirty-six details to choose initially location. Paul Smith took 2nd with thirty-two with a further four-stage gap to 3rd which was loaded by Les Cobban. Gerry Cooney took one in the vicinity of pin and Paul Smith took two.

Even though it’s a extended than typical push to Lakeside the all-in price of fourteen hundred baht in addition the good quality of the study course designed the more travel worthwhile so we are scheduled to make a return take a look at in a month’s time.

Wednesday, September 21st
Environmentally friendly Valley, White tees
1st Paul Smith (3) 35 details
2nd Mike Smith (21) 32 details
3rd Niall Glover (12) 32 points
Around pins Les Cobban, Michael Brett, & Paul Smith X 2.

An additional very pleasurable working day for golf at Inexperienced Valley the place when yet again we identified a class in pretty good issue. No risk of rain once again nowadays and with tiny or no wind it was best for golfing.

A couple men and women have been hampered somewhat by having trainee caddies who were of small to no assistance, so it was all up to the individuals to make their possess decisions about distances, traces for putts, and so on. A very good caddie can be extremely beneficial although a novice caddie can lead to a lousy mindset for somebody who relies intensely on them for distances and reading greens, Green Valley greens have some incredibly refined breaks that quite a few discover hard to browse.

At the time all over again Paul Smith took first position today with 30-five points he is constantly in the blend. Mike Smith had one particular of his superior games to take second spot on countback from Niall Glover. All the close to pins had been taken with a single just about every to Les Cobban and Michael Brett and two to Paul Smith.

Friday, September 23rd
Pattana A & C White tees
1st Paul Smith (3) 37 details
2nd Niall Glover (13) 33 factors
3rd Ross Schiffke (21) 32 factors
Around pins Paul Smith, Niall Glover, & Les Cobban X 2.

On current visits to Pattana, we performed off the yellow tees which in many situations had been moved ahead to just about the reds so nowadays we resolved to engage in from the whites, and wouldn’t you know it quite a few of them experienced also been moved forward to the place the yellows must be so it was difficult to know the actual distance we played nowadays.

The class was moist underfoot so we performed decide on, thoroughly clean, and fall which turned out to be a sensible decision as mud balls were just about everywhere, as predicted there was no operate on the fairways.

For the 2nd sport in a row, Paul Smith took the winner’s spot with a properly-compiled thirty-7 points. Niall Glover took 2nd on thirty-3 details. There was a log jam for 3rd with Ross Schiffke getting it on countback. All the close to pins were being taken, just one each individual to Niall Glover and Paul Smith with Les Cobban getting two.