Watch This Brave BMW Sport Bike Drag Race A Chevy Corvette

Watch This Brave BMW Sport Bike Drag Race A Chevy Corvette

The BMW 1000 RR is a fairly respected sports bike and a dream motorcycle for many. But what happens when it goes up against the best?

YouTube channel Wheels brings you one brave BMW 1000 RR and its rider, who went up against the likes of the Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja, and even a Chevrolet Corvette. Can you guess the results?

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Squaring Off German Precision Against Japanese Excellence

The drag race starts with the BMW 1000 RR squaring off against a Suzuki Hayabusa and right from the get-go, it’s obvious that the Hayabusa has an edge over the Bimmer, as it simply roars on ahead. The BMW 1000RR does manage to close the gap, but it’s still a little too late considering the amazing launch of the Hayabusa that let it cinch the quarter-mile in 10.39 seconds at a top speed of 135.27 MPH. The BMW 1000 RR lagged at 10.74 seconds at a top speed of 143.19 MPH.

Will the BMW 1000 RR beat a Kawasaki Ninja? Well, not in the first run, although, this was a modified Ninja. The Ninja does the quarter-mile in 10.32 seconds, at a 135.91 MPH top speed while the BMW takes 10.55 seconds at a top speed of 143.90 MPH.

The Ninja and BMW have at it again, and this time, they exchange lanes and the BMW 1000 RR earns its first win, racing the quarter-mile at 10.62 seconds at a top speed of 140.91 MPH. The Ninja is slower this time, needing 11.07 seconds to do the run, at a top speed of 101.45 MPH.

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When A BMW Goes Against A ‘Vette

Via: YouTube channel Wheels

When you are drag racing, why should you race only bikes? So the BMW 1000 RR decided to take on America’s darling, a Corvette. The BMW won again, hands down, zipping the quarter-mile at 10.83 seconds at a top speed of m134.42 MPH. The ‘Vette reached the finish line slower, at 11.72 seconds, with a top speed of 123.06 MPH.

Finally, there’s a treat at the end. A Harley-Davidson races a Yamaha, meaning American muscle goes up against Japanese perfection. Any guesses as to who won this drag race and why? While the HD is off to a great start, it’s the Yamaha that wins this drag race in 10.90 seconds, at a top speed of 134.20 MPH. The Harley-Davidson is a smidgen slower, at 11.16 seconds and 124.35 MPH top speed.

You win some, you lose some, right?

Source: YouTube channel Wheels

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